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Why KI-point training ?

The human being has been living more an more from his head during this last decennium.

The contact with the body has become so minimal that the condition of the Ki point has also deteriorated visibly, bringing lots of shifts with consequences for the business community:

  • stress and burn-out

  • depression and chronic diseases

  • negative behaviour, conflicts on the workplace and in daily life

Every human being is born with an amount of life force, inherited from parents and ancestors.
This amount of life force is being burnt at high speed during life, just like an oil lamp we’ve forgot to refill, and even don’t know how to refill it.

Activation and proper functioning of the Ki point infuses the workplace permanently with:


  • Fast charging without depleting your own energy.

  • The right action, with the right impact, at the right time (KI-DO-MA).

  • Focus and attention to the right priorities.

  • Positive and connecting communication.

  • Creative solutions and evolution in a society in transition.

  • Living and working in flow.



Re-establishing contact with the Ki point

  • From the head back to the body.

  • Awareness of the Ki point and perfecting its condition.

  • To acquire general knowledge about Ki and more specifically the two main properties and basic movements for change in Ki:

    • Connection: Everything in the universe is a unity and interconnected.

    • Movement: Opening and closing, collecting and spreading, are the basic movements and movements of changes of Ki.

Understanding these grassroots movements is essential to restore balance and avoid the collision course to crisis due to human factors, such as burnout, workplace conflict (sign of a closed and hardened Ki point).



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