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  • Is a fundamental concept in the eastern culture.

  • Ki is the universal life force or life energy.

  • Ki surrounds us everywhere and inside us.

  • Everything in the universe is built and made of Ki.

  • Everything is energy and out of this energy everything unfolds.

  • Everything originates out of Ki and goes back to Ki.

  • Without Ki there is no life.

  • It is the invisible master of all visible form.

  • Ki is the building block, the basement and source of all life.


The Ki-point is THE center of the body, the gravitation point, 3 fingers under the navel.

The condition of this point determines if you stand in your power or not.
To live and to work without “exhausting” your energy.

To ressource easily - to “recharge the batteries”  - and without much effort.
o face and act resiliently, positively and courageously the difficult and stressful situations in life and at work.

The Ki point needs to be relaxed, open and springy, in order to connect inward and outward, being on your best. The condition to charge yourself deeply and be in flow.

Western society almost doesn’t know about the Ki-point. Ancient oriental traditions know this point very well.  Complete trainings and disciplines are based on this Ki-point knowledge such as martial arts, meditation, oriental traditional medecine, tea ceremonies and flower arranging arts.

These are all based upon the Ki-point activation and reinforcement. In this way you connect with the “universal” energy (heaven and earth energy, positive and negative charges) that enables you to go through life in a vital  and authentic way, putting your boundaries naturally.

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