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Inge Neumann


Catherine Dompas

Where two people meet


A meeting of two people with great capacities and potential. Both experienced deeply and in their own way that, remaining in their own power, both on the workplace in times of major changes and high requirements, as in everyday life, was a circus stunt.

Each separately went searching for more strength, energy to stay in balance, in a continuously moving environment.

Meeting each other on the road that everything is energy -  and everyone is , by the way - and by deepening more and more, arrived to one point, the Ki point, to our battery, which we can activate and charge with the necessary knowledge and integration.

They have been passionately passing on this key to people for more then 20 years through private and group sessions.

By focusing on companies, they also wish to pass on their experience and knowledge, so that energy can go towards innovation, integration, cooperation and positive growth in business environment and is not lost in maintaining the shaky balance.




Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 22.03.40.png


is a community that strives to get back to the essence, to achieve balance

in all your businesses,
from the inside outside,
through embodiment,
by activating the KI point.

Our approach is unique:
It emerges completely out and from our center and Ki point.

This community continues to expand across municipalities, cities, borders and countries.

Do you feel in resonance to activate the KI point within your own (company) network?

Contact us

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